*Please note these are in no way recommendations or indication of partnerships. This is purely an independent directory created by The Happy Hair Co. to support the black business community and customers.

uk black owned hair brands 

  1.  Afrocenchix: Hair products www.afrocenchix.com  IG: afrocenchix

  2. Afrocks: Hair stylist marketplace IG: afrockshair

  3. Afro Hair Candy: Hair products www.afrohaircandy.com  IG: afrohaircandy  

  4. All About The Curls: Hair tools & merch www.allaboutthecurls.com  IG: allabouthecurls

  5. Almocado: Hair products www.almocado.com  IG: almocado

  6. Anita Grant: Hair products www.anitagrant.com  IG: anitagrant

  7. Big Hair + Beauty: Hair products www.bighair.co.uk  IG: bighair

  8. Boucleme: Hair products www.boucleme.co.uk  IG:boucleme

  9. Bourn Beautiful Naturals: Hair products www.bournbeautifulnaturals.uk IG: bbnaturalsuk

  10. CurleeBox: Hair product subscription box www.curleebox.co.uk  IG: curleebox

  11. Curly Ellie: Hair products www.curlyellie.com  IG: curlyellie

  12. Earth Elixir Haircare: Hair products www.earthelixirhaircare.com  IG: earth_elixir.haircare

  13. Equi Botanics: Hair products www.equibotanics.com  IG: equibotanics

  14. Flora & Curl: Hair products www.floracurl.com  IG: floracurl

  15. Hairitage: Haircare supply boutique www.hairitage.uk IG: hairitage.care

  16. Hair Popp: Haircare marketplace www.hairpopp.com  IG: hairpopp

  17. ICI Care: Hair products www.icicare.co.uk  IG: ici.care

  18. Ivy Wild: Hair products www.ivywild.co.uk  IG: ivywildhair

  19. Jamii: Black business marketplace www.lovejamii.com  IG: ukjamii

  20. Jim + Henry: Hair products www.jimandhenry.com  IG: _jimandhenry_

  21. Kinkyfro Botanicals: Hair products www.kinkyfrobotanicals.com  IG:kinkyfrobotanicals

  22. Mahogany Naturals: Hair products www.mahoganynaturals.co.uk  IG: mahoganynaturalsltd

  23. Nylah: Hair products www.nylahsnaturals.com  IG: nylah.uk

  24. O So Curly: Hair tools www.osocurly.com  IG: osocurly

  25. Primal Beauty: Hair products www.primalbeautynatural.co.uk  IG: primalbeautynatural

  26. Purely Natural Salon: Hair salon & haircare www.purelynaturalhair.com  IG: purelynaturalsalon

  27. Riza Beauty: Hair products www.rizabeauty.com  IG: rizabeauty

  28. Root 2 Tip: Hair products www.root2tip.co.uk  IG: root2tip

  29. Shan Styling: Female barber & hair stylist IG: shanstyling

  30. Shea Butter Cottage: Hair products www.sheabuttercottage.com  IG: sheabuttercottage

  31. SimplyMoi: Haircare retailer www.simplymoi.uk  IG: simplymoi_uk

  32. SliderCuts: Barbers & hair salon www.slidercuts.com  IG: slidercuts

  33. That Good Hair: Hair products IG: thatgoodhairuk 

  34. The Afro Hair & Skin Co:. Hair products www.theafrohairandskincompany.co.uk

  35. The Happy Hair Co.: Protective haircare, salons & education  www.thehappyhairco.com IG: thehappyhairco

  36. Treasure Tress: Hair product subscription box www.treasuretress.co.uk  IG: treasuretress

  37. VP Royals: Hair products www.vproyals.com  IG: vproyals

  38. Xsandy's: Hair & beauty supply store www.xsandyshairandcosmetics.co.uk  IG: xsandysuk  



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