I don't live in the UK, can I still order?

Yes, we have lots of customers around the world and offer a great flat shipping rate.

What are your delivery times and costs?

Please see our Shipping & Refunds policy at the bottom of our website home page.

Can I only use your products if I have curly or afro hair?

Our products can be used by people with all hair types - the benefits still apply. They are often just more beneficial to curly, afro and frizz-prone hair types due to their protective features.

Can I order a different size bonnet?

The measurements of our bonnets relate to elastic around the head. Our standard sizes usually fit most people. We don't offer refunds or exchanges for incorrect sizing so it's important to measure around your head, in inches, where the elastic of the bonnet will sit, before ordering.

Can I order a bonnet for my baby?

For safety purpose we recommend that bonnets are only worn by children aged 3+. If you decide to purchase a bonnet for a baby, you acknowledge that it is against our advice and will need to take all possible measures to ensure the safety of the child whilst using the bonnet, especially at bedtime. We recommend our baby satin head sheets instead.

Can I put other liquids in the spray bottle other than water?

We recommend that the bottle is used for water and that if you do plan on using it for oils and leave in conditioner etc - that you clean the spray bottle thoroughly and regularly to prevent build up and bacteria. The bottle is empty ready for you to fill yourself.

How does your frizz towel work and how do I use it?

Our frizz towel has been specially created to not only minimize frizz but to protect the hair. The organic cotton is extremely smooth and soft whilst the bamboo elements are fantastic for absorption but without drying out the hair. You can use the towel as you would to dry your hair with a traditional towel, for plopping, scrunching out excess water/ product or resting on your shoulders to protect your hair whilst it is drying or whilst you are getting ready.

Do you offer consultations to help with caring for curly/afro/natural hair properly?

Yes we do. We offer personalised consultations and online appointments which you can book via our 'Hair Help' page. These can be for adults and children, UK & internationally where time difference allows.



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