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Hi everyone, I'm Jaya. I'm 8. I help my Mummy with ideas and other stuff for The Happy Hair Co. I do a lot of videos too showing my hair styles and different products we use to let you guys know whether I like them or not.


I love my hair a lot and I feel sad when my mum tells me that some children don't like theirs. The good thing is, we get a lot of messages from people saying that their children love watching us and that we are inspiring them to love their hair and look after it properly.

This page is for us kids to share how we feel about our hair, things that we like, any hair problems we may need help with and to just do some nice things together to celebrate being us - YAY! 

I know quite a lot about curly hair now so I will do some videos for you guys and maybe some blogs (with my mum's help). I will also let you know about any events I am doing, like my Curly Kids Pamper Parties and some other things. I would love to have some things on here from you guys too so we can all share stuff and help each other as friends.

All of you guys are so awesome, you have amazing hair, so believe it! Our hair is special, just like us. Be proud of yourself. See you soon :)




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