Sherie: Falling in love with my curls...eventually.

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

In my early teens, I hated my hair. I just didn't know how to manage it. I wanted long straight hair like all the other girls at school - cliché I know!

I started straightening my "curly mess" into what I felt was a silky straight masterpiece for years and at the time I was happy. Then came the damage and I was left with dry, lifeless hair. I made the dreaded decision of going to the hairdressers to get it cut short to try and save what healthy hair I had left.

Instagram was the turning point for me. I started seeing more posts of girls embracing their beautiful curls and that made me want to embrace my natural hair too. To begin with my curls were dry and flat with no bounce. I followed girls with similar curl patterns to mine and started trying new products and techniques. Fast forward to now, I am still learning what my hair needs and how to protect it but I am much happier and confident being different and unique, something that took me a long time.

It's important to me to use products that are natural but it's not just about the products that I put in my hair, it's also the tools too. I came across The Happy Hair Co in 2018 and their products are amazing! I am currently using their Frizz Towel and Satin Pillowcase, and honestly can't express how much of a difference they have been in my hair journey.

Not only are their products my go to, but what the brand represents; helping with hair insecurities and encourage equality, confidence and self-love is something that has also contributed to the way I see and feel about my hair.

Sherie x


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