Honest Ecoslay Product Review

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Hey guys!

So, let's get right into it. Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably one of the many, many curlies that have been desperate to try the brand that the whole of Instagram seems to be talking about- Ecoslay.

Why is everyone so damn hyped about this brand? I mean it's happening globally!

Well, for us there were 3 things that drew us to this brand.

  1. The products look freakin' delicious! Like actually edible. I mean, they aren't but they look it. They had me at banana cream!

  2. They use natural ingredients. Now you know how we feel about ingredients, we are very passionate about using and sharing products with ingredients that are kind and safe for us and our hair. TICK!

  3. Finally, the brand is just totally aligned with everything we stand for. From the founder Adria, who hand makes the products in her kitchen, to their mission and the reason they started in the first place.

So they are our reasons but why is everyone else going cray-cray for the slay?

Well, it seems to be the Orange Marmalade gel. Curlies and naturals of all hair textures seem to be falling in love with this product... but does it live up to the hype? Here are my thoughts:

Now you know that we are an official UK stockist of Ecoslay but that doesn't mean we won't keep our feelings and experiences ALL the way real when reviewing them for you. Remember, we only ever show you what we do and how things work for us, not what TO do and what will work for you. We are all different, our hair is different and as we all know, our hair is boss and makes all of the decisions.

Anyway, if you haven't already, take a look at the quick video above which shows some supporting visuals for this review from Jaya's recent wash day. It was after school as she had swimming the day before so a quicker wash day than usual.

Hot Sauce Pre-Poo

I'm going to start with the one that didn't work for me, just so you know I mean it when I say I will not be telling fibs just to get you to buy this stuff from us lol. The Hot Sauce Pre-Poo.....hot sauce, hot mess! No, literally- messy! This product was quite effective as a pre-poo for me, I applied the hair wash to it and was able to detangle whilst washing it, just a shame it gets EVERYWHERE! Thankfully, there were no permanent stains on me, or the bath but temporarily everything was red/ orange. That kind of put me off using it again unfortunately. Here is a pic of me and my orange forehead and scalp:

Peppermint Schnapps Hair Wash

If you have been following us for a while. you will know that my least fave wash day product is shampoo. I need it to cleanse my scalp and hair but I have never found one that I love, I kind of just tolerate them. The good thing about that is that I was pleasantly surprised by this hair wash. It lathers straight away (as you will see in the video above) and cleansed both mine and Jaya's hair well. I do think using too much of it may leave the hair feeling a little stripped though but really, you don't need much. I like this stuff. Smell isn't overbearing either.

Banana Cream Deep Conditioner/ Leave in

Ahh, now onto this pudding looking beauty. I spent months pining over this stuff lol. Then I became nervous when it finally arrived in case it didn't live up to my high expectations. Thank goodness it didn't disappoint- phew!

As a DC this thick, creamy product is full of natural goodness just melts into my hair. I LOVE it as a DC. It's good for Jaya too, just not as effective as it is thick and her low porosity hair tends to like lightweight products that it can absorb easier. That said, with our DC process of wrapping our hair in cling film and our warm frizz towel, it still gave Jaya's hair a great boost of moisture.

The smell is really mild but lovely. For some reason I expected all of these products to have really strong scents but it is the opposite. I like that as it just reflects the natural goodness, you don't get slapped in the nose with those synthetic, overpowering fragrances that we have with some products.

As a leave in, not so much. It worked well for me, wasn't the best leave in I have ever used but served it's purpose. With Jaya, not so much. It doesn't have coconut oil in (WINNING!) but it is just too thick to really penetrate and hydrate her hair. She had some moisture when I took the twists out the next morning but it didn't feel as soft as I would like.

In summary LOVE that these ingredients are so amazing and safe for our hair. For me, I am only in love with this product as a DC.

Orange Marmalade Gel

Now the one 90% of you have been waiting for. You skipped the rest didn't you? Go on, go back and have a read, tut tut.

I'm just going to warn you from the get go- GO EASY WITH THIS GEL. IT DID NOT COME TO PLAY! Ecoslay were not joking when they said this is a strong hold gel, I would even go as far as to say it is super strong, like THOR strong (sorry, just watched the new Avengers movie, still in the zone).

Even though I had seen a few of the U.S curlies give a little warning about how strong the gel was, I was still too heavy handed with it in some areas. Please believe that I could not scrunch out the crunch in those parts. Like, that cast was there for life.... or at least until the next wash day. Really nice shine though.

I'm not a gel person so I didn't share the same excitement as everyone else before receiving this but that's simply because I don't really need gels for hold, certainly not a super strong one.

I think that is why people love it so much though and why people are so excited about it. Usually, a gel that gives a strong enough hold is filled with harmful ingredients and a load of junk that makes it so. The combination of natural ingredients and super strong hold is something of a revelation in the curly hair world, especially for those that have been on a life long hunt for a gel that will actually hold their curls.

I like it, It worked in both mine and Jaya's hair (when I didn't use too much). I feel like this is a real trial and error product though, you are going to have to really nail technique and distribution to avoid your hair feeling stiff and crunchy. Get it right and as a gel lover, you are likely to keep this in your stash as a holy grail. I used it in a wash and go but want to try a twist or braid out, think it would be great for that.

So that's it. Super proud to be a partner of such a great ethical brand and to be able to bring products of this quality to us in the UK and Europe (instead of having constant product envy with the American curlies who let's face it, get spoiled when it comes to hair products- we still love you guys though).

If you're not sure which Ecoslay products are for you, try one of our travel sets. The latest bunch of stock is on it's way to us as I type this so keep your eyes peeled. We sold out of everything in less than a week last time!


Full details of the ingredients can be found on the product pages as well as directly on the Ecoslay website.

See you again soon curlfriends.

Sacha x



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