Paige: How The Curly Girl Method Saved My Hair & My Confidence!

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Hey everyone. My name is Paige (Curley_Paigey on Insta), I am 23 years old and have only just started to love my natural hair! 

When I was younger, I would sit in front of my mirror and cry because I thought my hair made me look ugly. I always dreamt of long, silky, straight or even wavy hair. 

At the time, I was brushing, straightening and colouring my hair trying to change it. I thought colouring it might make me love it... it didn’t. 

What changed everything for me was finding the Curly Girl Method. Since discovering this, I have never looked back! I have come to really love my hair, grown in confidence and have found self-love in all aspects of myself, not just my hair! 

Looking after my hair has also made me more conscious of looking after the rest of my body; my skin, my weight, my eating habits, drinking water... it has all helped to shape a better me.

So, a bit about Lorraine Massey's CG method for those that aren't familiar with it. The first thing it teaches is that curly hair does not like sulfates (these are drying ingredients commonly found in shampoos). This is because they are known to dry out the curls, stripping them of moisture and natural oils that our hair needs. Curly hair is already hard to keep hydrated as it is.

Another ingredient we avoid through this method is silicones. They coat the hair in a plastic film preventing penetration of the hair shaft, especially with regular use. The only way to remove most silicones is to use a shampoo containing sulfates- you see the problem here. So you see, you can end up stuck in this cycle of continuously drying your hair out, not being able to retain or get moisture into your hair and not seeing your real curls! Frizz = lack of moisture! 

The CG method shows that cutting out products that contain these ingredients provide endless benefits for your hair, allowing it to be more hydrated, curlier/ more defined, softer and healthier.

This isn’t a process that happens overnight though. I’ve been following this method since February 2018, it has taken a year to get my hair like this. Of course, it isn’t always "perfect" (I mean what is perfect anyway? Curly hair can be unpredictable, that's just how it is. It's all useful). I feel I still have a long way to go and still have lots to learn but the best starting point for me was Lorraine Massey's book which explains the science behind it all along with products and ingredients etc.

And last but not least, I couldn’t have done the CG method without being part of a community of strong and knowledgeable women (& men) mainly on Instagram, who are always willing to help, support and share their knowledge with you. Because of this and them, I am now able to help others myself which makes me so happy!

  Yes, it can be so confusing at times, especially in the beginning but little by little you learn about your hair, what it needs and what products or techniques work for you. It’s not something you can understand overnight, it takes time and commitment. You have to really want your healthy curls.

It is all totally worth it in the end. If I didn’t put in the effort my curls would not look like they do now, that’s for sure! To be honest knowing me, I probably would have had it chemically straightened if I hadn’t found this method and amazing people but I think overall, the key to this whole thing is self acceptance.

Paige x

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