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"My hair is ALWAYS dry!"

We hear this ALL the time, like from hundreds of you. So guys, here is a major key for you today. A MAJOR KEY. Just make sure you are really ready to take this in, as it may have you questioning life.

Plot twist: Oils are not for moisturising.....

SAY WHAT???????!!!!!!!

Ok, let us break it down....what our hair needs to gain crucial hydration and moisture, is water. Water and water based products (such as leave in conditioners and creams with water in the first 5 ingredients, ideally the first ingredient) is what will do that.

The thing is, the moisture can then escape, so needs a little help to stay there. That is when we use a sealant, an oil, cream, or for some, a good, non-harmful gel.

So think about it, using an oil on hair that has little to no moisture and is already dry, results in.......that's right, dry hair. Oh.... damn. Yep.

Just a little side note. We want your hair to be happy and healthy, your hair can only be healthy if it is properly hydrated. That's why this is important. It isn't about having a bit of frizz. There are a lot of negative feelings towards frizz but there is a big difference between a little functional frizz and dehydrated, damaged hair. We'll talk more about that another time if you guys would like us to? Let us know. 

Product & Method Recommendations

We know, it's a lot but don't worry, we've got you. It will take some trial and error but you will find what works for you and your hair.

For some, layering methods work best to hydrate and retain moisture (and consequently improve curl definition).

Things like the LOC method is a form of product layering. This is for styling, so after washing and conditioning, on clean hair.

Liquid, Oil, Cream (LOC), in that order. So the liquid would either be just water or a water based leave in, followed by a little oil on the ends of your hair (not the scalp as it can block pores and prevent sebum generation), then a cream. Also, experiment to see whether your hair responds better to you applying the styling products to soaking wet hair or more damp.

You can also try the LCO method (just switch the cream and oil order) or even LOG and LOCG (G= gel).

Some products we recommend for these are the Jane Carter 'Untangle Me' leave in conditioner, Ecoslay Moonshine Oil (doesn't have coconut oil in which is SO rare and amazing for those like Jaya that have coco-nono hair) and the BB Naturals Curl Crush gel. No nasties.

If using just one styling product works better for you, the Ecoslay Orange Marmalade gel or Devacurl Super Cream 

are some of our faves.

We hope you loved today's sprinkle of curlspiration. If you did let us know and don't forget to share the gems with your fellow curlies and naturals.

See you soon :)




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