Anti-Frizz & Breakage Beard Towel

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BEARD INNOVATION. Just like your hair, your beard deserves VIP treatment too. If you want a healthy, growing beard, you need to take care of it. Not only that though, you also need to protect it.

That's why Diaz x Jay created this game changing anti-frizz and breakage beard towel, made from super smooth organic cotton and bamboo. Perfect for a range of beard types, particularly and afro and curly textures.

Traditional towels can cause friction and damage to hair and beards which counteracts an effective regimen. 

Our towels prevent and minimize frizz and hair breakage as well as being extremely fast drying and absorbent, without stealing essential natural moisture from the beard. Your skin will thank you for it too. 

Oh and this is NOTHING like a microfiber. It's possibly the softest thing you've ever felt for a start. You won't want to put it down!

Charcoal grey. One size. 39cm x 53cm.


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